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just a …

Jesus son of God or

just a carpenter? (Mark 6)


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days of grace

The Gospel of Mark is 16 chapters long and we’ll read it over three weeks. That means we’ll read Monday – Friday and one Saturday thrown in. I thought that could be the middle Saturday – but to be honest it doesn’t matter if you are a bit out of sync.

Today I’m going to take another look at Jesus in chapters 1-5. How does he relate to people?How did he act? What did he say? What did he do? What does this show me of the Father’s heart.

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risky faith

Today let’s look at

Mark 5

Feel free to comment on what you discover as you read the Word and allow it to read  you.

I’ve posted from the Message but of course you are free to read from any version and translation that you like.¬† What does this chapter reveal to you about Jesus and the heart of God? What verses speak to you -to the situation you are currently in.

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scattered seeds

It’s Thursday today and day four of the Gospel of Mark right?

I was confused when I logged on because I’d forgotten to post today’s reading. Sorry about that. Better late than never!

Without further ado let’s get back into the Bible:

Mark 4

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Mark 3

is our reading today.

Remember you can read from any translation and in any language. I’ve simply linked to the Message (which is a very uptodate paraphrase 0f the Bible, and which I’m learning to love!) for convenience.

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The fast pace continues … Today let’s look at

Mark 2

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Here comes Jesus …

Mark, author of the second Gospel, was only a youngster when Jesus was crucified. He messed up on his first missionary trip (Acts 15) so much so that Paul didn’t want to risk taking him again although Barnabas gave him a second chance.

By the time Mark was in his 40s (early 60s AD) he was based in Rome working alongside both of the movement’s heaveyweights: Paul and Peter. Much of Mark’s writing is based on the personal testimony told by Peter – the story of Jesus, and the narratives surrounding the early days of following Him.

This – the shortest of the three synoptic gospels – was written primarily for the Christians in Rome, many of whom had pagan roots -and who needed the traditions of Judaism explained in order that they could understand Jesus. It was written in a time of persecution (under Nero who e.g. had Christians wrapped in tar and burnt them slowly as lamps for his nights of feasting!!!) Mark showed the early Christians in Rome a God who was on their side and who was born as one of them and who had suffered for their sake.

Let’s look at

Mark 1 (The Message)

together. It’s very fast paced!

Remember please feel free to read from any translation or in any language. I’ve posted some questions for you to ponder if you are so inclined!

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