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As I said in the previous post I’m working through Maggi Dawn’s Giving it up for Lent.

It’s a series of Daily Bible Readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day and it’s really good. Not easy but good.

Elsewhere Maggi writes

Lent is about everyday matters: about re-grounding ourselves in the knowledge of our humanity, and our dependence upon God. And it is about living each day, in this earthed place, in a thoroughly human way. Not as superheroes, nor subhuman. Just being properly human, one day at a time.

I like that perspective don’t you?

In the book I’m on chapter three (third full week of Lent) which is entitled Changing Perceptions. It’s excellent. It’s meeting me right where I am because as I started Lent I needed a fresh revelation of who God is and how I fit into the grand scheme of things.

The first three entries (Sun-Tues) this week are taken from  Luke 15 – the chapter, you might remember,  subtitled lost and found.  It’s probably my favourite chapter in the NT and certainly God has used the narrative of the Prodigal Son again and again in my life to reveal who He is and How much He loves me.

Maggi though really opened up the second of the stories  (the one about the lost sheep) to me this week. She reminded me that the 99 were actually not in danger (they were looked after by the other shepherds) but rather that it was the shepherd himself who put his life at risk when he went out to look for the one who had gone missing. That’s a real picture of what Jesus did for you and me- for all humanity though many fail to grasp that -as Maggi puts it

It’s a movement of ultimate personal risk for the sake of something lost almost beyond hope-

And it’s really got me thinking.

I like Lent and this book has really been helping me in my journey with and to God.

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Lenten fast

Sorry Folk! into the Bible has taken a bit of a break since Ash Wednesday. This was totally unintentional on my part. I simply didn’t have time to post while I was away on holiday in London.

What I have been doing myself during Lent, however, is working through Maggi Dawn’s Book Giving it Up . This is a daily devotional for Lent (about 3-4 pages of reading a day including a scripture) and I’ve found it’s very inspiring but also very challenging spiritually (in particular in the area of what it means to be a Christian)!

Over at her blog last week Maggi wrote

It’s a common misconception that Lent is about self-improvement. … [It]is not about giving up luxuries, not about losing weight or gaining other benefits, not about food per se, not about de-cluttering or Feng Shui or about ay other kind of feel-good, de-toxifying exercise. In the end, it’s about denying yourself some of the essentials of everday life in order to focus on the reality that we depend upon God for life itself; about re-aligning ourselves with God and his purposes in our world; about reminding ourselves that all we have is a gift from God in any case.(emphasis mine)

Maggi’s book has been truly a God-sent for me for Lent and while I didn’t mean to give up into the Bible for Lent (and certainly haven’t given the Bible up!) I do think taking a break in the way we’ve been getting into the Bible on this site has been good for me. If you can do get a copy of Maggi’s Book and work through it. You’ll be very glad you did

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