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God’s got your number …

Read John 10 here. what does it say to you about the relationship between God and you?

There will be no passage set for tomorrow. Saturday is set aside to catch up on readings if you’ve fallen behind or if you want to re-read something and continue to wrestle with it. Sunday is a day of rest.

See you again on Monday.


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true blindness

Read today’s Lesson John 9 here

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go on … throw it!

Today we see God’s rule of grace in action. John 8.

what does this mean to us in today’s world?

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Jesus goes about his business

… but people start wondering whether He might be the Messiah  – the one they had been waiting for for generations.

Read John 7 here.

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the bread of life

There are two linked passages in today’s scripture (John 6). First there is bread and fish for all … then Jesus teaches the people what that means in everyday life.

You can read the passages here. A reminder if you prefer a different version, please feel free to choose another, and remember that comments are VERY welcome. What do these passages say to you? What questions are you wrestling with as you read?

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the final reading for this week

(Sunday is a day of rest, and we use Saturdays for catching up/re-reading the texts)

Today’s reading is the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John.

Jesus talks about the Son going about the Father’s business and seems to challenge the idea of what Sunday (the sabbath) is all about. How are we to interpret these passages for our own era?

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John 4

Today’s scripture focusses on the woman at the well.

As you read it again, imagine that you are there listening and observing Jesus. What is he saying to you through this passage

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