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The One who sent me stays with me

I love that! What a promise!

The One who sent me stays with me. He doesn’t abandon me. He sees how much joy I take in pleasing Him.

When Jesus put it in these terms, many people decided to believe! Amazing, wonderful.

But what of Jesus’ vision?
He turns to the Jews who claimed to believe in Him … promising they would experience
‘this’ for themselves. This…? That the One who sent Jesus stays with them? That the One who sent Jesus doesn’t abandon them? That the One who sent Jesus would show His pleasure -would see them for who they were and for the joy they too took in pleasing Him?

What this passage then goes onto show is what that life looks like. A life of freedom to follow. A life of freedom to submit. A life or freedom to hang out with the Holy One.

Jesus doesn’t condemn them for not knowing the Father – but he does speak the truth in love.  And that truth is stark. Anyone who is on God’s side listens to God’s words. You are not listening. You are not on God’s side! (Jn 8:47)


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Time to resurrect a good habit – reading John looking to learn to see through Jesus’ eyes

Jn 8 (the Message)

The Pharisees objected ‘All we have is your word on this …’

Jesus replied -‘you’re right you only have my word. But you can depend on it being true. I know where I’ve come from and where I go next. You don’t know where I’m from or where I’m headed. You decide according to what you can see and touch. … I [don’t make judgements] out of the narrowness of my experience, but in the largeness of the One who sent me

We don’tknow the tone of Jesus’ word
We don’t know how the Pharisees received them in their hearts
Words are tricky in the best of circumstances aren’t they?
Jesus’ statement “I [don’t make judgements] out of the narrowness of my experience” could have the subtext “but you do!”  but it doesn’t …  one of the things I think we learn from John’s Gospel is how to speak truth. We own who we are. Jesus models that for us.

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