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We conclude our study of Matthew today with the final chapter

Matthew 28

What does what Matthew tell of Jesus’ resurrection and how does that speak to you wherever you are today? What about His commissioning of you? Take time with God today and allow Him to open this up to you – allow the Word to read you as you read it.

As always, we’d be happy to hear your thoughts . Please feel free to leave a comment.


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not quite the end

I chose the title of today’s post deliberately … today is the penultimate chapter of Matthew, and tells of two deaths, but death is not quite the end – as we shall find out tomorrow.

Today’s reading, however, is

Matthew 27

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Matthew 26

Today’s reading is from the passion of the Christ – what is God saying to you as you take time to read and meditate on these passages?


PS there are two more chapters of Matthew to read. We’ll take those on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Saturday is -as ever- a day of grace (to catch up and consolidate the readings) and Sunday is a day of rest.

We’ll start Hebrews on Wednesday. Can’t wait :)


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are you ready?

What is God saying to you today as you read

Matthew 25

Feel free to share a comment or two below

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Matthew 24

is today’s passage.

Even if this passage is very familiar to you, why not take a break in today’s busy schedule and allow it to read you. What is God saying to you today – though the passage – about your ministry?

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(you have to love the chapter titles in the Message!)

What is Matthew on about in today’s passage?

Matthew 23

Remember you can read from any translation – and do feel free to leave a comment, a question, a thought … together we read through the scriptures, and as we do so we encourage one another … be blessed


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caught off balance

As I skimmed through today’s passage before posting – my eyes latched on the phrase

Jesus caught them off balance

Jesus modelled turning the world upside down – with his teaching and his deeds. What is he challenging you with today in Matthew 22?

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