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spiritual junk food (2 Tim 4)

There is going to be a time when people .. fill up on spiritual junk food (2 Tim 4:3)

I love that expression – though I’m no fan of junk food (cheap and singularly unsatisfying). Read the rest of 2 Tim 4 here

Remember you can join in using any version of the Bible, any translation and any language.


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allergic to God? (2 Tim 3)

There’s nothing like the written word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ (2 Tim 3:15)

Read the rest of 2 Tim 3 here

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He doesn’t give up (2 Tim 2)

If we give up on Him, He does not give up on us

That simply phrase already underlined in my copy of the Message gives me a lot of comfort. God is faithful – always.

You can read the rest of 2 Tim 2 here (the Message version. Feel free to use another translation if you prefer)

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keep your faith ablaze

Paul’s second letter to Timothy begins today

Be bold with God’s Gifts! 2 Tim 1

Please note you can read along in any language and from any translation you prefer.
Suggestions for reading.

1. Read the passage until you feel something spark. Stop there. Write down the verse and meditate on it. What might God be saying to you at this time through His word?

2. Later read through the whole chapter … note down what seems important to you and any questions that the passage raises in you.

3. Leave a comment if you wish to. Be blessed!

P.S. In the comments you’ll find some questions that may /may not be of help!

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Be bighearted and courteous

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a God-filled life: Titus 2

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

(well,  Paul almost starts this second chapter this way doesn’t he?)

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I’ve chosen to change the order slightly … simply because Paul wrote first to Timothy and Titus and then a second letter to Timothy.  It makes more sense (to me at least) to read what Paul wrote to Titus before we look at 2 Tim.

Paul’s letter to Titus is only three chapters long … so we’ll take one a day this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With time to recap on Friday.

Who was Titus?
When and why did Paul write to him?
What happened just before Paul penned his treatise?
Where was he when he wrote it?
What provoked him to write the letter?
And where (in Acts) do you find the historical context for this letter.

Titus was a full Greek from Antioch. In other words he was a pagan convert. When we remember that it was among the small house church in Antioch,planted and nurtured by Paul and Barnabas, that the Christians first got their name – little Christs – because they lived according to the way of Christ (Acts 11:19-30) we can perhaps get a glimpse of the kind of beleiver Titus was

The Message says

Titus … probably had thicker skin than the sensitive Timothy, because Paul made Titus his go-between in his relationship with the proud and quarrelsome Corinthians.

We haven’t looked at the church in Corinth yet, (we started with Ephesians and Galatians) but suffice to say that the people of Corinth, even after conversion to Christianity, were not always nice people and were a challenge to Paul who spent at least 1½ years with them, and who, in spite of their faults, failings and messiness never gave up on them. Sending Titus to the fledgling church there (2 Cor 8:16) was another sign of Paul’s affection for the church in Corinth.

Paul wrote this letter to Titus from Nicropolis (west coast of Greece) while Titus was on the island of Crete organising the local church there.  And, as in 1 Timothy, Paul wants to guard the fledgling church against false teachers and reminds the believers what is important – God’s grace -the basis for all holy and godly living.

So onto Titus 1

Dear Titus, legitimate son in the faith

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